AS: UTA vs Millitary Intelligence Dept. 6

Assault Autor: Miner | 27.11.2003

Matchtyp: AS League
Server: UTA

AS-Asthenosphere1 - 0
AS-Riverbed]|[AL0 - 1
AS-Siege][1 - 0
AS-Ballistic1 - 0
AS-Rook1 - 0
AS-DesertStorm1 - 0
AS-RiverbedAL1 - 0
AS-GolgothaAL1 - 0
AS-Frigate1 - 0
8:1 Sieg

Eingesetzte Spieler:
SaHiB, daRth, beurer, Rup, auriel
Von Millitary Intelligence Dept. 6 eingesetzte Spieler:
Sov_HawK True_Nemesis Hades UK The_Specific CrysAk SNeeZeR PingKing Viru$_Z Spirit BoBmarley Trinity termi M®.F®0$T


We went into this match considering we would take our first loss in division 5. -={Mi6}=- were an ex division 1 team (having left and then came back) and had a full compliment of able players. This would be our most difficult and passionate match ever, and for a while!


1 - 0

Our defence was poor, and although we stopped their launched, they were lag sliding a lot. They made their way through the level normally and quickly.

Our attack however was even faster! Final Assault Entrance went very quickly without launching. Miner and Rup finished up the charges and _ got final.


0 - 1

Miner rocked this map, starting with a multikill of headshots and quickly getting Generator and Tunnels. The team kept moving, and were only held just outside final, which was gotten by Miner eventually.

Defence on the other hand was very poor, they got the objectives even quicker, especially Tunnels. However, our team pulled together and held them at final objective for a stupidly long time. But, with 1 second to go, they managed to get the final! Talk about irritating!


1 - 0

A massive turn around. We were defending first, and while it was only a short matter of time before the main tower was open, the tower was defended for the FULL TIME! Sahib and beurer got many kills at the lower levels, well played!
TIME: Defended Full Time!

We wanted to show Mi6 up (they had been flaming a lot), and we did it in style with Miner and beurers special rocket launch :). We didn't make 17 seconds though, we will try again next match ;). Final objective went and they got owned :)


1 - 0

beurer was the star of this map. We attacked first. beurer got armour and launched up, and sahib flicked the sniper nest. beurer got launched in, and Mi6 were too slow to suicide their players! beurer got warhead straight away, and generator went very shortly after. beurer also made 1 kill and was right at warhead by the time the generator went! Very nearly a record time, well played m8!

Defence was boring and easy, they got stopped with mini at generator :).


1 - 0

Nothing really to say about attacking; we did the objectives normally! beurer got final objective.

Defence was door-spam, they didn't even get library :P


1 - 0

Attacking was very fast; Samsite was not defended very well at all.

I thank the heavens that I have finally taught people to defend Desertstorm! After losing Scud Missiles, we made an amazing defence on samsite that seems we could have held all day!


1 - 0

Another very fast attacking map for us, Bridge went in a blink of an eye. Miner got the final objective.

RiverbedAL defence was as solid as usual, holding them to the first objective.


1 - 0

Nice launch-work by auriel and rup got Miner up next to HuronsPath and hiding, waiting for them to enter the Undead Temple. It paid off, as did the practice for that move :). No solid defence anywhere meant another quick time for us.

Defence was a little lax, but nothing to be worried about. beurer made a nice save on a launcher, but the still managed to get HuronsPath just as the timelimit was ending.


1 - 0

A map that [st/30] usually lose, we were riding high on the fact that at 7-1, we couldn't lose. Miner messed up the ripper trick and spent some time getting it done, while auriel jumped off the top of the ship just as the doors were opening for final objective! auriel got launched a second time though and this time he made the final catch.

Our defence was wobbly, with everyone running about as usual. Compressor went quickly, but this time we were NOT going to lose Frigate. A few close saves, but the map and the match were ours.



A lot of spamming and flaming by Mi6, which made the game less enjoyable than it was, but this was without a doubt the best performance our clan has made. The errors we have experienced have been ironed out (MOST of them :) ) and this game marks a coming-of-age for our clan. From nups to division 2 players, in 2 month, [st/30] style.
I (Miner) want to thank everyone who has played in our matches, and lets keep it up!


Weitere Clanwars gegen Millitary Intelligence Dept. 6

#SquadGegnerErgebnisTypWertung DetailsDatum
1AssaultNorwegenMillitary Intelligence Dept. 67:1UTA 0anzeigen25.02.2004


Name Millitary Intelligence Dept. 6
Tag -={Mi6}=-
Channel #mi6

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auriel 28.11.2003 - 14:30 Uhr

.. die sind wegen dem geschimpfe gar nicht zum spielen gekommen ;-) Und dann noch die Flucht einiger Mi6 Spieler (darum wohl auch ex Div 1 Player ;-)

Sowas habe ich bisher nur auf CounterStrike LANs gesehen.. ;-)

gg ... Balistic und Siege haben Ihnen das Genick gebrochen... well done... Ihr seit suuuuuper !!!


SaHiB 28.11.2003 - 07:35 Uhr

n1 reportwork miner :)
anyway, there was much too much flame @ the war to realy have fun.
Thx @ my whole team for not flaming back!!! especially miner, who just muted the enemy to overcome the temptation :P