AS: UTA vs FrenchBelgianConnection²

Assault Autor: Miner | 19.04.2004

Matchtyp: AS League
Server: UTA

AS-Ballistic1 - 0
AS-Rook1 - 0
AS-SubmarineBase][1 - 0
AS-AutoRIP1 - 0
AS-Mazon0 - 1
AS-DesertStorm1 - 0
AS-GolgothaAL1 - 0
AS-RiverbedAL1 - 0
AS-Frigate0 - 1
AS-Riverbed]|[AL1 - 0
8:2 Sieg

Eingesetzte Spieler:
SaHiB, daRth, beurer, Rup, auriel
Von FrenchBelgianConnection² eingesetzte Spieler:
Hathorsekhmet milwa ^I^err@lor]) Obelix Dinomite AlvinTheMaker Q** Bad_medic @$terix Lethal Popioul ^ Z ^ J!mDDU @[]v[]â!Ù®!×


A Standard game vs FBC2 - FBC2 are like my guys, never seen on publics :). They were an unknown power, but we had heard many good things about them.


1 - 0

A great start from us, with generator going very quickly by Miner thanks to a good launch.
Warhead was just as good, a 4 player combo got us the warhead (Bio) and beurer finished off with ease, a 3:23 attack.

Our defence was as solid as usual, being one of our best house maps. Asterix got generator with 1:40 to go, Miner getting a killingspree to help defend the warhead. However, they showed us that they weren't giving up with warhead gotten with 3 seconds to go on the clock.



1 - 0

After a bit of spamming Bio got the library.
Miner then made a very fast attack but was stupid enough to only get 1 chain before dying! tyr0n finished it off after a small defence.
The rest of us were in a good position at main gates as beurer got final and no fewer than 4 of us pushed to final, with Miner being first to reach.
A 1:20 attack picked up where we left off on ballistic.

FBC2 came back with a blistering attack with all the objectives apart from final going within 30 seconds! However, we were ready at gatehouse and as soon as the main doors opened we had 4 people sniping. Some lucky saves gave us the point.



1 - 0

A very relaxed and dull attack by us, with nothing of any coordination of interest. Beurer and Bio got most of the objectives, Miner with a pathetic -1!
It took us 3:15 to get past the well organised shocking of FBC2.

However, our defence more than made up for this! darth, beurer and Miner got sprees in the main room to hold out for the full time.



1 - 0

A map by now we have grown to love, we continued our good run on this map. Penetrator getting a killing spree slowed us down on despatch. tyr0n finally got it after around 1 minute. However, tyr0n made it up for us on development, getting it quickly, and Bio finishing within 10 seconds of development going! This second half effort made up for our first-half lull. A 2:43 attack.

SanTiTan were in full spamming form tonight. darth getting a killing spree helped us secure despatch, losing it with only 29 seconds to go.



0 - 1

Up next was Mazon, one of our personal hate-maps. This time was no exception :).
Our initial attack was good; both chains and reactor went within the first 30 seconds. But then it all slipped away; FBC2 was organised and covered all the entrances. Penetrator got a rampage, an amazing comeback for this map. darth finally managed with 1:45 elapsed on the clock.

Our defence was very poor in contrast :). Miner lost chains quickly, and Alvin got reactor with 1 minute left. He then finished with :36 on the clock, a convincing win by FBC2 and again showing us how much work we still need on this map.



1 - 0

One of our best housemaps, this was a good chance to retake the initative. Our defence was mixed; samsite was our usual well organised hold; but after this the final objectives, we were pushed back by a good FBC2 attack with launches. We could not hold final for very long, with all of us in the generator room. A 2:49 attack by FBC2.

SanTiTan performed there usual good start with Rup being launched into the bunker. For samsite, tyr0n managed to slip through the rather unorganised defence and get samsite with 1:40 to go on the clock. Their defence was better for the final half however. Obelix got a killing spree, but beurer finished with 54 seconds remaining.



1 - 0

A very exciting map!
A very bad first part attack for us. We launched 3 people up and not one got Hurons. Hurons took us a while to get, but eventually tyr0n took it, and he got siege very quickly. In fact, tyr0n got the final objective as well to make it an ownage map for him. Still, the first part really let us down. A 4:35 attack.

A beurer spree helped us come back slightly in the first section of defence. However, we still had 2 minutes left when hurons went. Then, we pulled off a desperate defence. Dungeons were opened with 1 minute to go.... Attackers got inside dungeons with 30 seconds to go... and somehow we held it. A few more seconds, definately a map to FBC2.


1 - 0

A simple spam map, we got lucky with a very fast attack and a 2 minute finish.

beurer on a spree helped our defence.


0 - 1

A map that curses us to this day. You would think it was an exception today, the FBC2 defenders giving tyr0n a walkthrough to a no-frag all-objective stroll in 29 seconds!!!

But, alas, we STILL could not pull a win on this map off!! Asterix and Terralord simply slaughtered us and in 23 SECONDS! they finished the map. God help us :)


1 - 0

We defended first, and an unusual good compressor defence by us gave us the final confidence boost we needed. However, again they pushed us back fast when we should have been pushing forward and we lost tunnels quickly. Bio then went on a spree and we managed to hold for 3 minutes, a reasonable defence.

Our attack was good; Rup got tunnels with 2 minutes to go, and Bio completed the match with 1:17 on the clock.



A very good game. FBC2 did some good attacks that pushed us back, and they showed that you should never give up with some close maps towards the end. Thanks for playing FBC2 and we hope to play you again soon :).

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#SquadGegnerErgebnisTypWertung DetailsDatum
1AssaultFrankreichFrenchBelgianConnection²8:1UTA 0anzeigen23.08.2004


Name FrenchBelgianConnection²
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