CTF°1: CB EC 04 vs 7sins

CTF°1 Autor: daRth | 11.10.2004

Server: st-server

CTF-AreaN23-LE1034 - 3
CTF-IncineratorLE-1026 - 3
10:6 Sieg

Eingesetzte Spieler:
daRth, fGy, fraggass, fuce, tyr0n
Von 7sins eingesetzte Spieler:
Kas, mumrikken, Tequila, Toxicater, Chrusaor, predator


7sins war zu diesem Zeitpunkt Gruppenletzter (oder waren wir Gruppenletzter?) - Ich weiß es nimma genau. Jedenfalls standen wir zu diesem Spiel unter sehr hohen, uns selbstauferlegtem Druck, da wir den Anschluss nach oben nicht verlieren wollten.

Auf jeden Fall wars ein sehr Actionreiches Match - Speilbericht diesmal auf englisch - von der CB-Page kopiert, da datt mein Report ist, der da steht :P


4 - 3

st startet with some good attacks, but 7s was able to return their flags. After some minutes FrAgGY-aka-fGy activated his "Speed Pills" and captured for st . Both teams kept their offensive gamestyle, but st managed again to get 7s` flag out of their base - 2:0 after ~10 Minutes.
Now 7s became more and more agressive and tried their best to beat st ´s defence. 2 Minutes later both flagcarriers where in mid. Some 7s -guy decided to telefrag st ´s FC easily - 2:1
Now Fraggass became angry - you will not like him, when he is angry - and decided to kill 7s defence, take the flag and capture - 3:1. 7s put men & mice into their attacks. Deserved result: 2:3
Now somthing happend, we call it "st-krankheit": After a hard stablefight with one minute left, 7s equalised - 3:3
Now it was FrAgGY-aka-fGy who thought "wtf? Today is my owning day!!!!11111". With really nice backup and ~ 50 seconds remaining he made one of his fGy-like-ownage-speed-pills-flagruns. 4:3 with ~ 10 seconds remaining.
I think both teams played very well and showed that this map can be really interesting and thrilling. A draw would have been fair for both teams.


6 - 3

On Incinerator 7s was not able to find a way against st´s gamestyle - in short: st controlled the map within the first 10 minutes.
So st leadead 4:0 after many pickups, combospamming, respawnkilling and covering. At this moment 7s remembered Arean and startet "the weirdest Attacking-Style, I´ve ever seen".
daRth & fraggass throwed more empty shockrifles away and made more double/multikills then tyrons´ BMW has HorsePower.
Sometimes 7s stayed with 4 dudes in st´s base. The match become more and more FFA-Style. But 7s` tactic payed off: 2:4.
st wasn´t interested in a thrilling match again and tried to hold their leaderchip - 5:2 - .
A stablefight, 50 Shock-Ammopacks & 30 deaths later 7s reduced the difference again. 5:3 -
It was fGy again, who made the "last-minute-capture". 6:3

Phew, very "hectic" map. I´m sure 7s don´t know what a "Bratwurst" is. Nice attacking style, but 7s oversleeped the first 10 minutes.



Verdienter, zuweilen aber auch glücklicher Sieg von uns gegen einen wirklich freundlichen & fairen Gegner, denen CTF sichtlich Spaß bringt, wenn man die Sache offensiv angeht - *gg* & THX

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Name 7sins
Tag -{7s}-
Channel #7sins
Website 7sins.xognik.com

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